Prostate Cancer Treatment Advancements Improve Survivorship

One in six men will face a prostate cancer diagnosis in his lifetime, totaling to 240,000 new cases this year as estimated by the American Cancer Society. Fortunately, advancements in cancer treatment have allowed nearly eight times as many men to count themselves as survivors of the pervasive disease. September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness

New Jersey CyberKnife Celebrates One Year at Community Medical Center

New Jersey CyberKnife opened in July 2011 as part of the J. Phillip Citta Regional Cancer Center at Community Medical Center and was the first in Ocean County to offer CyberKnife treatment. One year later, New Jersey CyberKnife reflects on several milestones from its first year of providing cancer care for patients throughout Ocean County

New Jersey CyberKnife Shares Men's Health Awareness Tips

June is dedicated to raising awareness and prevention of the preventable health problems men face while encouraging men to seek regular medical advice and early treatment for disease or injury. One of the common health threats to men is prostate cancer. In 2012, the American Cancer Society estimates about 241,740 new diagnoses of prostate cancer.

New Jersey CyberKnife discusses treatment options during Brain Tumor Awareness Month

May is National Brain Tumor Awareness Month. Since its establishment in 2008, community organizations and support groups honor this month with increased efforts to raise awareness of brain tumors, increase funding for research and educate the public on symptoms and treatment options.  The Central Brain Tumor Registry estimates 66,290 new cases of primary non–malignant and

Medical Director Gives Talk on Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

New Jersey CyberKnife medical director, Dr. David D’Ambrosio was honored to speak to the Silver Ridge Men’s Club on April 11. Dr. D’Ambrosio spoke with the group about risk factors, symptoms and treatment options of prostate cancer. A big thanks to the Men’s Club for hosting!            

New Jersey CyberKnife Highlights Healthy Living for National Cancer Control Month

In support of April as Cancer Control Month, New Jersey CyberKnife is encouraging local residents to use a proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle. Cancer Control Month highlights the progress in fighting cancer and increases awareness of who is at risk. The initiatives of Cancer Control Month seek to encourage healthy lifestyles, promote cancer screening,